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Cisco Adds 550 More Jobs

Some of the econemy is recovering, but we are far from being fully repaired. However – 120514183510_ciscos_3_big

Cisco Systems seems to be moving in the right direction. In the wake of worldwide staff cuts, Cisco Systems plans to expand its Research Triangle Park campus by adding 550 jobs here over the next four years.

Company employees gathered to hear the news cheered as Gov. Pat McCrory announced the expansion Friday morning at the California company’s 12-building RTP campus. The average annual wage for the new jobs is expected to be $72,700 plus benefits, far above the Wake County average of $49,410.

Cisco, the world’s largest maker of network equipment, alr eady has about 4,600 employees and 1,400 contractors here, and plans to hire a mix of finance, engineering, network design and customer service personnel by the end of 2017.

“This place is so cool,” a grinning McCrory played to the crowd of assembled employees after his VIP tour of Building 12 on Cisco’s RTP campus.

As part of the tour, McCrory watched a demo of the DX80, a new Cisco product coming out at the end of this month. The high-definition video communication system syncs iPads and desktops so that users in remote locations can look at the same screen as if they were in the same room.

Cisco’s expansion comes after two years of restructuring and layoffs that resulted in the elimination of more than 12,000 jobs globally, including an unspecified number in RTP. Recently the San Jose-based company passed a symbolic milestone in which more than half its employees are now based outside the United States.Cisco-11

Cisco has 76,000 employees worldwide; the RTP site is its third largest after San Jose and Bangalore, India. The company established a Triangle presence in 1993 when it opened a sales office here.

Cisco has come under intense pressure in recent years as technology shifts to a model in which code and apps increasingly do the work of machines. As a result, the company is experiencing a slowdown in demand for its legacy routing and switching equipment from customers in the communications, finance, insurance and other sectors.

Cisco is eligible to receive up to $12.9 million in state incentives over 12 years if it meets investment and job-creation milestones. The company chose RTP over sites in Texas and Georgia.

“The incentives are certainly a large part of it,” Paradise said of Cisco’s decision to expand in the Triangle.

The company’s goal remains unchanged to eventually have 10,000 employees in RTP, as previously announced, Paradise said. Even though Cisco recently sold three buildings to NetApp, Paradise said the company’s remaining 12 buildings have the additional capacity to allow Cisco to grow its workforce to 10,000.

Paradise said other factors include the state’s favorable business climate and quality of life as well as its universities that produce a steady string of hires for the company.

Gary Moore, Cisco’s president and chief operating officer, said the incentive package with North Carolina requires the company to backfill vacancies created in RTP by the most recent round of layoffs before it can begin counting new hires toward its 550 total. Cisco doesn’t disclose layoffs by site, but Moore said the cuts in RTP were a “small number.” Moore flew in from California to attend Friday’s announcement in RTP.

Seems the future is bright to have some virtual meetings in every business. By the end of next year, we might see some serious shit! *In my best Doc Emmit Brown voice*

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Packet Tracer Tutorials in May!

Greetings all! Today is May 28th! What a glorious day to tackle. So many big opportunities are in your grasp today. This mysterious day penetrates our very soul, it can be a blessing or a curse. We hope you all gain more insight by visiting this site, and above all get inspired to learn new things. Packet Tracer is a MUST if you are wanting to be CCNA.

Thanks for all your comments and support!

Below is links for Packet Tracer Tutorials.

These have really helped me learn Cisco and networking skills. These videos are a great way to start the learning process.

Getting Started
Interface Overview
Shows how to start using the program.
Shows how to customize Packet Tracer using the Options menu.
Logical Workspace
Creating a Network Topology
Demonstrates how to create, arrange, delete, and connect devices.
Custom Device Templates
Demonstrates how to create and remove custom device templates.
Clustering a Network Topology
Demonstrates how to create, arrange, uncluster, delete, and connect clusters.
Editing and Annotating a Network Topology
Demonstrates how to edit and annotate a network topology.
Configuring Devices
Configuring Devices Using the Config tab
Demonstrates how to configure devices using the Config tab.
Configuring Devices Using the Desktop tab
Demonstrates how to configure devices using the Desktop tab.
Configuring Devices Using the CLI tab
Demonstrates how to configure devices using the CLI tab.
Realtime and Simulation Modes
Simulation Environment
Introduces an overview of the simulation environment.
Simulation Panel
Demonstrates in detail of every feature in the Simulation Panel including the Event List, Play Controls, and Event List Filters.
Advanced Features in Simulation Mode
Introduces more advanced features in Simulation Mode to users.
PDU Information
Explains the information displayed in a PDU and how to use Challenge mode in a PDU.
Physical Workspace
Navigating Physical Workspace
Introduces a brief description of the interface of Physical Workspace and how to navigate Physical Workspace.
Modifying Physical Workspace
Explains how to modify Physical Workspace by creating new objects, removing existing objects, and moving objects from one location to another location in Physical Workspace.
Structured Cabling
Demonstrates how to create realistic structured cabling in the Physical Workspace.
Interaction between the Logical Workspace and the Physical Workspace
Demonstrates how the Logical Workspace and the Physical Workspace interact.
Activity Wizard Novice
Launch and Exit Activity Wizard
Demonstrates how to launch and exit Activity Wizard.
Write Instructions
Demonstrates how to write instructions for an activity.
Answer Network
Reviews features related to the answer network.
Initial Network
Reviews features related to the initial network.
Test Activity and Check Activity
Explains how to use the Test Activity and Check Activity features to create a reliable activity.
Set Password, Save and Distribute the Newly Created Activity File
Demonstrates how to set a password, how to save and distribute an activity.
My first Lab Please attempt the activities as described in the Shockwave files below.
Viewing Help
Creating a network
Realtime Mode
Web Server Connection
Simulation Mode
PDU Window