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Russia VS Ukraine

This video is a great explaination of the current situation from Russia.

I recommend checking this out.

The video blog mentions that Putin says Ukraine’s government is a propped up from other countries – run by Neo-Nazi’s. He then points out that the data from the parliament in the 2019 election contains only 2% of the population in Ukraine that possibly could even be Nazi’s.

What I wanted to point out is, what about the data?

The Data in 2003 that Suggests Saddam has WMD ? Well did he?

The data in 2020 that says if we lockdown the entire country, we can slow the spread of covid19? Anyone get covid?

That was data for two major events, and how accurate was that information? I really am just helping you think outside the box. We have no idea all the teams – we being the general public. It’s entertaining these ideas that makes life interesting isn’t it?

Consider that data might not be correct, accurate, or properly sampled. Russia started a media disinformation campaign; Anyone recall Fake News in America? And that is why it is so important to check your sources. All content on this domain is strictly for entertainment / fiction / do-not-read-or-believe purposes only. I might need to make a disclaimer lol – anyways take it with a grain of salt boys.

What Did Happen To Saddam’s WMD?

In a phone conversation on February 20th, 2003 – a month before the invasion – Dr. Blix expressed his doubts to Tony Blair. ‘I said explicitly to him that it would be paradoxical if we were to invade Iraq with 250,000 people and find very little. He said no, no, no they are all convinced it will be there.’

Precisely a month later American and British troops entered Iraq. They found nothing.

What Did Happen To Saddam’s WMD? | History Today

New Study Indicates Lockdowns Didn’t Slow the Spread of Covid-19

“Assessing Mandatory Stay-At-Home and Business Closure Effects on the Spread of Covid-19” intends to do.

The study compares the impact of lockdown policies of eight countries in the Northern Hemisphere: England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the US. All countries that have seen harsh lockdowns. It uses two counterfactuals: South Korea and Sweden, to serve as an example of how Covid spreads under relatively light public health interventions. 

The study seems to indicate what we have known for decades.

This is that there are a number of things that the state can do –

to help slow the spread of disease but – closing down society is not one of them.

Perhaps there is a sort of heroic romanticism about flexing the muscles of the state to stop a fearsome enemy that makes lockdowns so attractive. The only problem with this is that we are dealing with reality, and society is not a playset. 

New Study Indicates Lockdowns Didn’t Slow the Spread of Covid-19 | AIER

To be concluded…

Deltacron Announced

  • A Cyprus researcher believes he has identified a new strain of the coronavirus. 
  • University professor Leondios Kostrikis says he found 25 cases of what he calls the “Deltacron.”
  • The Deltacron is believed to be a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants.

Israel approves a 4th dose of Covid vaccine for those with compromised immune systems.

Over four million Israelis have received a booster shot, out of a total population of nine million, but about a million eligible Israelis have not. In November, Israel became one of the first countries after the United States to approve Covid vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11, but the initial uptake in that age group has been slow.

Anyone test positive for the Flu or Cold this winter?

If you are reading this –

I wish you peace, long life, happiness, and I urge you to do something kind for another soul.

May it bring you good karma.

Proud of our essential workers, serving a purpose.

May you all continue to grow.

The purpose of is to serve the greater good – to help and inspire.

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No Conspiracy

I remember a year ago, I found a chart. It had the names of the next 20 virus strain names of the Covid.

That image I need to find it, I think it got deleted on Twitter.

It won’t get deleted on here, when I find it that is…

I just saw that Trump was boo’ed for saying he got the booster. Wow.

How Omicron, the New Covid-19 Variant, Got Its Name

The Covid-19 variant that emerged in South Africa was named after the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

The naming system, announced by the World Health Organization in May, makes public communication about variants easier and less confusing, the agency and experts said.

For example, the variant that emerged in India is not popularly known as B.1.617.2. Rather, it is known as Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

There are now seven “variants of interest” or “variants of concern” and they each have a Greek letter, according to a W.H.O. tracking page.

Some other variants with Greek letters do not reach those classification levels, and the W.H.O. also skipped two letters just before Omicron — “Nu” and “Xi” — leading to speculation about whether “Xi” was avoided in deference to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping.

“‘Nu’ is too easily confounded with ‘new,’” Tarik Jasarevic, a W.H.O. spokesman, said on Saturday. “And ‘Xi’ was not used because it is a common last name.”

He added that the agency’s best practices for naming diseases suggest avoiding “causing offense to any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups.”


I was reading some comments

from: skepticalbynature

“Never in my life have I seen such hysteria from the “educated” community.

If someone would have hypothesized this scenario to me, two years ago: only one unvetted, experimental shot, would be the impetus for the reestablishment of segregation, unconstitutional treatment of patients, broken families, illegal immigration, depopulation, massive unemployment, social divide, fake medical claims, etc.. I would have said the American public is just too smart to fall for this propaganda, BUT, here I am today, no extended family left to talk to, children pulled out of school, planes flying over head literally every minute (most likely carrying immigrants), medical community ignoring hippocratic oaths/common sense and killing patients in hospitals, racial and medical segregation is acceptable, and EVERY country is in on it—-“

The Covid Blog

The new Omnicron strain was announced.

It seems the state of New York is going to declare a new lockdown soon. They are putting flight limits in 7 countries.

On Nov. 26th the Dow markets dropped 900+ points due to the new covid strain.

Now I think the Vaccine is safe – I support it.

But I see this blog, and, well, it is at least eyebrow raising to point out some of these. Check out these posts, that link below has a blog of tons of these.

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Sohrab Lutchmedial: 52-year-old Canadian cardiologist tells the non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral,” dead two weeks after third (booster) mRNA injection

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Sohrab Lutchmedial: 52-year-old Canadian cardiologist tells the non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral,” dead two weeks after third (booster) mRNA injection November 9, 2021 UPDATE 9:19 p.m. Not even an hour after publishing this article, we received this unsolicited email from someone named “Bob Ross.”

Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection

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Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection September 22, 2021 ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor is dead, in what is fast-becoming a pattern of quick deaths after

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