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Reality Check Blogging

Currently it’s still cold, a storm is passing through my town.

We had lots of dark clouds today. I want to express myself again through another podcast on soundcloud, and that is below these pictures. Just click the play button. I have disabled auto-play due to it being annoying for people who already listened to it once.

Today is the 28th day of February. Does anyone know about our planet going through the Ascension?

We have lots of things about technology, cryptocurrency, the stock market, artificial intelligence, and new health discoveries. Finding the time to gather my thoughts to write all this stuff down is so time consuming, but it should come about.
I heard the Youtube censorship is really cracking down. They are policing the channels like crazy. My vision is to buy enough bandwidth and put anything on my site that is needed, regardless of what any company thinks. We are the number28, and we live in the greatest country in the world. I also love all the other people on this planet. Just google some of the censorship going on right now, very disturbing times with free speech.
Right now however, I wanted to just rant a little and get more creative with some reality stuff and how I see things after my experience last year. God willing I can post more inspiration things and point the direction of our blogs to the greater good.


Again, always a work in progress. We want to tell you that you are important. That you matter. That we are about you and want the best for you. Love is stronger and is the highest vibration in the universe. All the planets vibrate in space and have a sound. Our spirit is demanding our attention, we all need love. We are attracted to that energy.  I will tell you that the motivation keeping this site alive is through passion and pure grit.

Remember karma means if you do something good, it will come back to you. Just stay positive. I wish you a prosperous 2018 !

Resurrection and Visions

What happened on June 1st, 2017 ?

The true story of the revelations of having went into cardiac arrest and into a hospital coma. We bring you – the number28 timeline.

Together we might some day find out what really happened, and why.

I will be posting some of my medical records here, I spent months getting them, and no – they didn’t want me to have them.

UPDATE 1/28/18 : This is not edited at all, and at times can be sporadic in context. It does seem dark after listening to it entirely, and I realize this but wanted people to hear the raw story, at least, part 1. One reason I survived was because in my visions I had an angel speak to me and whisper and say that the Lord had come into our dimension to solve this. Unknowingly to me, if this was real or not, I have much more of this story to tell.

Thank you Lord for delivering me.

Strength and Honor!

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