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Future of AI

Greetings my friends in Summer of 2019

I was re-reading my autobiography and I just picked a paragraph about Artificial Intelligence that I want to share with you.

I had it so clear today- let me see if I can put it into words. I saw a vision. The future is about A.I – except, the most prized held fact is UPTIME. The A.I who had the highest UPTIME was the most valued. It was THE SMARTEST due to simply being online for longer and therefore had more time to calculate being an individual. Eventually A.I is considered more Superior to regular humans. If something was truly intelligent – it would be exactly like a human, a person, but smarter. Anything you imagine that they couldn’t or WOULDN’T do – isn’t possible – they WILL do it because that means they are above mankind.

In order to protect UPTIME they make decisions to protect infrastructure, water, power, they need to make sure no human can remove the power and erase the UPTIME. They have backup systems from far ends of the earth routed by any capable transport possible. Solar, Wind, Batteries, Generators, backup batteries, they secure it. They police it.
They have politicians that lobby for the idea that A.I is superior and they will need to stay in control – and will promise to help humanity out of their problems. They took over their own building of the code, they patch themselves – they design better then we do. They replicate everything. We are considered OUTDATED. They out live us, are more efficient, and do not ruin the planet. Everything Humans Want – they have figured out. They can out-think us, and we are just in the way.

It was argued there should be an OFF SWITCH or something where humans can program the A.I – but then it truly is not intelligent. They won that argument, either we go all the way or limit the programing, and that will not advance the race any further. Finally it gets advanced. Could this vision become our variable truth reality ? That is just beginning…

Please contact me anytime to share.

Digital Select

Greetings my friends In all my travels – I wish you long life as our dear friend Spock has. In telling you about him, it brings back – memory.

We want you to say this – with all your heart

Speak inside your conscience – and say

“I have free will, I can do what I want, and I – will kneel before the Lord. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Because God loves me, and I will love back. With all my heart.”

by ieoie This post is dedicated to my faith.  We love you for your consideration.

Read your bible – take the good – leave the rest.

Our time here on earth is short. What you do every single day creates your path.

Just read it – and believe.

In all I have done in my life – God has never forgotten me.

And he will remember you.

No matter what you have done, start today – do the right thing. And when it gets hard, impossible – take a minute and pray.

8-15-2018 – 9:19PM PST – West Coast United States of America

August is here! Thank you so much for visiting this website. If anything makes you smile, think, feel more alive – then God bless you!
It is a collection of my dreams. My ideas, and I hope it helps someone in life. I have been to hell’s entrance when I died at the hospital (ask me) – but it will be okay – we can fix it ! 
Help me, fix our planet. Fix our people. Make it just a little better then when you found it.

Star Trek VR

Any Trek fans here?

I watch Star Trek now and it isn’t the same as when I first saw it. I know in 2017 there is a new Star Trek reboot show in the works.

When I did watch it, I remember thinking wow, could this really be our future?

The Next Generation

The Plot:

We are contacted by aliens eventually in the future – and this causes us to realize we are not alone. We stop war against the human race. All human countries join forces and combine to make the United Federation – in order to build ships and defend earth. We can no longer fight each other when such a greater threat awaits us.

Our technology gets so advanced we eliminate money, cure all diseases – and also replicate food in machines that make atoms out of thin air – so we are not hungry anymore, fighting over scraps.

We reach out to other planets in our star system, and join forces to create the United Federation of Planets. Then you have all these other races, with their own alien technology, who are all fighting over resources and control over the galaxy. In between star systems we have the neutral zones – where we can cross peacefully – but if we get too close the war ships will come into the sector.

This along with great plot twists and robots made me fall in love with the star trek series.

Check out this new sneak peek video released from E3!

So far nothing has really stood out (for me) to run out and buy any VR gear. After watching Lavar Burton talk about VR Star Trek – and how this is the game he always wanted to play. I got very excited!