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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing, life isn’t about material wealth it’s about journey. It’s about the process and the lessons you learn along the way that shapes you into the person you are but you’re ever changing.

    All I ever wanted in my entire life was to love and be loved in return. Life isn’t easy, I’ve worked and fought my entire life to get where I am today. Life hasn’t been easy for me, I grew up feeling unloved and unwanted. I told myself and prayed to God that I want better for me and my family when I had one, I’d love my partner and children and give them so much love that they would never feel the way I did. But what I didn’t know is that sometimes love is t enough. As an adult I worked hard and supported myself and found love but after 2 long term relationships I took a break to soul search and love myself. I found a new love and made the same mistake of loving and caring too much. I was hurt again, shattered and all the feelings came back again of feeling unloved and unwanted. It’s hard to overcome heartache, it takes time…sometimes I try not to feel cause I don’t want to hurt anymore. I guess I was meant to be alone all by myself. My heartaches daily, behind my smile is sadness, I’m trying to love myself again but as I get older it’s hard especially when someone caused you to hate yourself.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment! Hang in there, it seems your a well thought out individual who has lots of love to give. We all have made lots of mistakes in our lives – it’s just that people can hide it very well. We are all in a bubble, a flux, a dream. I hope you smile every single day – because we at thenumber28 hope you find what you are looking for. Your post is real, and inspiring.

      Thanks for sharing! God bless

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