Olivia Rodrigo

Wanting to share this with you all.

I like her voice. What other talents can she offer? More than a few? And could you trade one skill or quality in exchange for more than one? And who determines these values in a relationship and does that suddenly or casually change during a relationship/partnership?

When I think about a strong women – I think about mom.

Who will wake up early, get the kids up for school? Make breakfast? Help them get to school and the homework? Then take care of the house, the meals – and make passionate love – and be a strong reinforcement partner to his success.

When I think about it, that is how I see a successful women and dance partner. A strong women. But hey, its 2021, what do I know. Just remember some are compatible – but select based on the inside.

Be kind to others. Learn from your mistakes.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy

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