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What is wrong with September?

So much hate going on… Today I felt racism for the first time since I was in high school. That was over 15 years ago. I guess I have been blind to most of it. Until it happened to me.

You know I hear about the black lives matter ( of course they do, and all lives matter, but to my point…) and all talk about disrespecting the national anthem – it makes me pause, but I don’t really grasp it.

I hear the news, see the social media, and ya – hasn’t this always been an issue in America?

Well – it’s not until it comes after you – and stares you in the face – that will wake up your soul. And in that brief heartbeat – that moment – you see what they see. I tagged this in the category dark stuff.

It was in that moment that I realized – if it could happen to me, then it could happen to anyone.


What would happen if YOU stumbled upon those same issues, in your life?

One of the instant gut reactions I felt was – do it back to them. It’s only fair right? This was just a reaction – along with many others.

Being that I am almost 35, and not in school, I felt overwhelmed. I also didn’t respond strongly because that would have been out of anger. But if it was said directly to my person, what is the proper response? For a moment, I frantically started to think of a racist comeback. – Boom – almost brought me down to his level.

That is when I realized – I shouldn’t take it so serious ( right? ) – but we really need to help each other out. Also in context, if your friends exchange racist jokes with you and your both comfortable with it – that’s another story…

The USA is one of the most diverse cultures in the world.

What is the alternative? Should we just leave it the way it is? Maybe it will get better? Is it too broken to fix? Does anyone even care?

No respect. The KGB says they somehow purposely poisoned America’s moral values – decades ago – because after a generation the country will slowly implode and destroy itself.

Is that bullshit? I thought it was… It is… right? That is ridiculous !  RIGHT?

Or is that idea finally working?

It is also documented on YouTube about KGB agents who describe this idea in detail – and how they have been implementing it since the late 70’s.


So many questions – too few answers…

We NEED to RESPECT the country, our morals, and our way of life.

Be PROUD of who you are – as I know many others who live in other countries, but are much richer in family and pride. What happened to that?

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Help your community, your family, your neighbor. Why the fuck not? Don’t let the dark stuff get in your way!

God bless the USA

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  1. The world is a scary place, who can we trust nowadays? What happened to loving one another, being happy and content with what we have? We live in a society of people who want, seek and are always on the quest for more because what we have isn’t enough or is it? Are we searching for something to do or are we searching for a purpose. Do we really know what’s best for us or are we constantly running away from what’s good because we’re use to being treated so bad that we leave behind what is actually good for us? I told a friend once that we all start on the same path and are given the same time as everyone else however people tend to veer from their path due to environmental factors and detour to what’s not always a good place but God is here to help guide you in the right direction. Therefore it takes some people longer than others to get to their destination and to reach their destiny but that’s ok. Just cause it takes someone longer to get there doesn’t make them any less successful then someone who got their faster. Life is not a race, life is meant to be lived! Not alone but with someone you love, someone who’s going to push you to be better and to be yourself and help achieve your dreams. I think that life is what you make of it, do the best with what you have and be thankful for what you have now because tomorrow it can be all gone. Be good to one another, be a better person, appreciate and help. Wishing everyone peace, love and blessings ✌️✝

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