Stealing your Man-Energy

Guard your manhood gentlemen, the females are stealing your energy! They might look good, it feels good, but consider semen retention! Why should I keep it from her?

Semen Retention – Avoid putting your life energy in the female for these reasons:

What are the purported benefits?

People point toward a variety of benefits to semen retention, such as:


  • more confidence and self-control
  • less anxiety and depression
  • increased motivation
  • better memory, concentration, and overall cognitive function


  • greater vitality
  • increased muscle growth
  • thicker hair, deeper voice
  • improved sperm quality


  • deeper relationships
  • stronger life force
  • better overall happiness

Sperm Production Cycle

  • Sperm usually takes around 50-60 days to develop in testicles.
  • Within the testes, the immature sperm cells divide multiple times. They eventually become tadpole-like cells that we call sperm. Each sperm is a single cell in itself.
  • Next, sperm moves to the Epididymis that are the ducts present behind testicles. These ducts store and carry sperm.
  • Subsequently, it takes about 14 days for the sperm to attain full maturation in these ducts. Then, in the Epididymis, the sperm gains motility or the ability to move. This enables them to travel when they get ejected in the semen.
  • This process is called spermatogenesis. According to research, the sperm production cycle takes about 64 days from start to finish. The brain releases luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). These hormones travel to the testes and produce testosterone.

Sperm Life Cycle

  • After maturation, the sperms remain in the Epididymis.
  • When a male person is stimulated, he ejaculates seminal fluid. This is called semen. Studies have found that every millimetre of semen contains around 20 to 300 million sperm cells.
  • After ejaculation, sperm lifetime depends on where it is ejaculated. It can die within a few minutes outside the male body. However, inside a female body, sperm can live for three to five days.
  • If the male person doesn’t ejaculate, the sperm breaks down, and the body reabsorbs it – subsequently initiating a new sperm life cycle.

How long does it take for sperm to refill?

Men produce sperm every day. By the end of a complete sperm production cycle, men can regenerate approximately eight billion sperms. However, an entire sperm regeneration cycle takes around 2.5 months.

Where is sperm stored?

Curious to know where sperm is stored in your body? The answer is Epididymis. This long tube is located behind your testicles. This tube is responsible for multiple functions.

It helps in sperm transport, storage and protection. When sperms leave the testes, they are underdeveloped. As a result, each sperm is a single cell, and they gain their ability to fertilize within the Epididymis.

Are you thinking about how much sperm a man can hold? Well, men can produce millions of sperm cells every day. The male body has excessive sperm and stores it in the Epididymis until ejaculation. In case the sperms are not ejected, they break down naturally.

How to release sperm faster?

You can do that by improving the quality of your sperm and ejaculating often. These are the few ways in which you can increase sperm count, which can help in ejaculation.

Exercise regularly

Studies have found that men who exercise regularly tend to have higher sperm counts.

Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Some studies have shown that vitamin C supplements can increase sperm count and motility.


Lycopene is an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, papaya, guava, dried apricots, etc. Consuming lycopene can increase sperm count and viability.

Limit smoking

Smoking has been linked to erectile dysfunction, and one can see a noticeable effect on semen quality. Normal fertile men can face a reduction in the amount of semen due to excessive smoking.

Wear loose clothing

Testes need to remain at an average temperature of 35 to 37 celsius. This is the right temperature for healthy sperm production. Wearing tight undergarments or jeans can cause sperm cells to reduce motility.

Is there any research to support this?

It’s a complicated, multifaceted topic, and research is lacking. Not having enough research doesn’t mean all claims are false, though.

It does mean that additional research and longer-term studies are needed to reach firm conclusions about specific claims.

Here are a few published studies:

  • In 2018, researchers conducted a systemic reviewTrusted Source of studies on the length of ejaculatory abstinence and semen characteristics. They noted the varied quality and limited nature of existing studies. Evidence suggests that an abstinence period of less than a day, rather than a longer abstinence period, is linked to improvement in sperm motility.
  • In a 2007 animal study, researchers found that androgen receptors in the brain, which help your body make use of testosterone, were lower with frequent masturbation.
  • In a small 2003 studyTrusted Source, researchers documented a link between ejaculation and changes in serum testosterone levels. Among the 28 volunteers, testosterone levels peaked on the seventh day of abstinence.
  • small 2001 studyTrusted Source found elevated testosterone levels in participants who abstained from masturbation for three weeks.
  • In a 2000 studyTrusted Source of male athletes, researchers found that sexual activity didn’t have a detrimental effect on athletic performance, but having intercourse two hours before a competition could.


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Also watch out for Sperm theft

Sperm theft falls into three main categories:[5]

  • Sperm stashing – Occurs when a man’s semen is obtained surreptitiously, such as from a discarded condom, and subsequently used to inseminate a woman.
  • Non-consensual sexual intercourse – The sexual assaultrape or statutory rape of a man or boy that results in pregnancy.
  • Improper use of assisted reproductive technology – When a man’s frozen sperm sample is used, without his permission, to fertilize an egg during IVF and other artificial insemination procedures.

Can you refrain from cumming in her for 2.5 months? Please do!

I challenge you to have the discipline to reap the extra benefits of sperm retention!

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