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This is EPIC

Well actually, what kind of shit are we in now?


  • Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the coronavirus is starting to behave like the “once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about.”
  • Gates also pointed out COVID-19′s current predicted fatality rate is higher than that of the 1957 influenza pandemic, which killed an estimated 66,000 people in the U.S.
  • “I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise,” Gates said in an article.
GS: Microsoft founder Bill Gates speaking

Microsoft founder Bill GatesLintao Zhang/Getty Images

Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said the coronavirus that has killed at least 2,859 people and infected more than 83,700 globally may be the “once-in-a-century pathogen we’ve been worried about.”

“I hope it’s not that bad, but we should assume it will be until we know otherwise,” Gates wrote in an article published Friday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Gates and his wife, Melinda, founded The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 to help improve world health and combat extreme poverty. The foundation announced Feb. 5 that it would donate $100 million to help find treatments and expand testing for the virus, particularly for poorer populations.

According to Gates, COVID-19 poses a serious threat to the world because it’s far more deadly and contagious than many other deadly viruses.

“First, it can kill healthy adults in addition to elderly people with existing health problems,” he wrote. “Second, Covid-19 is transmitted quite efficiently. The average infected person spreads the disease to two or three others — an exponential rate of increase.” World health leaders say the disease is spread by people who are mildly ill or don’t show any symptoms at all, making it harder to contain and more contagious than other types of viruses.


So many questions I have.

Once upon of time I created this website thenumber28 , because I was chasing synchronousity.

Once upon of time I created this website thenumber28 , because I was chasing synchronousity.


Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. During his career, Jung furnished several different definitions of it. Wikipedia

The more I learned, the more I know nothing, and I had fear about posting everything I learned. Fear what? Fear who?

It feels like this could not be my website because it is filtered somehow, I should be able to say anything I want. I’m not really seeking any (unwanted) attention.

So many have been preparing for financial stock loss. I seen the charts, the debt, the bubble pops every decade. We are due. I believe in Donald Trump. This guy has been through hell, a very hard and stressful job. When he first went on TV about this coronavirus, I said – wow – this guy has seen a ghost.

I bet he was thinking… Really? I survive all this impeachment, harassment, hate, so much BS and finally, here comes the Devil and it is coming for your ass.

I swear, I think – wait wait wait, I been here before… Everything will be fine, they panic – they fix it, and produce some miracle drug / cure and now poof – its like SARS and AIDS – there are several thousand who get it, then the rest is history. Right? ….. Yeah you can think negative, but it will all be fine.

Time and time again, this is what happens.

This time, I look at China. I saw them lock down almost all of China. Why did they do that? What is the big deal? Then I see the pictures of the Chinese government killing people, and I – how can I even tell you what I saw. This website is the little guy. What do I know?

Point taken – you just start looking around, and I think – well – what will really happen?

I feel we will survive this. But this thing does not care how important you are, or how much money you have.

Great time to pray to God, because in the end, I believe there is something much more to this life. The beautiful power of the universe is familiar with numbers and Synchronicity is very powerful when it happens, for sometimes unknown reason.

Ever heard, yeah, I was just in the right place, at the right time?

I have been in the wrong place, most of the time, yet I ponder – this is universal chess. Do you believe in the Holy book of God?

Look at how much destruction was caused in biblical times, and after so much, the people finally realized without God there is nothing.

Babylon the great, who and what is that empire, and does it still live today?

There is hope, there is good, I ask God, is there still good people on this earth? Times are changing.

At this time, I tell you, what do you believe? This is not God’s fault, he got you this far. Things happen. We are all tested.