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E3 2015 – The Aftermath Part 1

Hey all, I love gaming conventions. The new VR gear, hardware, and product titles are gaining heavy ground. More on this later. First piece of news I want to fire up is about Kingdom Hearts 3!

This Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from E3 2015 proves the never-ending key war is still continuing and our favorite characters Sora, Donald, and Goofy – are in the depths of the action!

Square Enix’s long-awaited action RPG pixel dripping cartoon action, making graphics that look better than ever.

That’s thanks to the fact the game is making it’s way to the PS4, and Xbox On. It is using the Unreal Engine 4. Check out this trailer!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I remember playing a few hours on this game thinking wow, it never bored me. A rare thing in any game. It simply was a masterpiece.

Just ask anyone in their 20s what was the most favorite Final Fantasy game of all time, and 98% of the time the response will be Final Fantasy 7.

I have seen online for many years how gamers have been raging, pleading and yes even threatening for an ultimate HD remake of the timeless classic RPG. Finally, after 20 years later – they’ll finally get their wish.

Sony showed the audience their first look at the new graphics with a one-minute, fifty-three-second trailer (found below) that depicts Cloud with his massively large blade clouding through the sky, walking along through a the industrial city streets.

PS4 will get this title first, then other consoles shortly after. I am extremely excited for this title, it is worth a look !

More news on E3 in part 2!