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Expanding into the Future

My friends. We have arrived.

We are going to run all our servers on a raspberry pi 2!

Soon I can put all my data on a single flash drive and put it in my pocket!

The future is bright for us here at the 28, we are also expanding!

Not only have we upgraded our servers, but I am also laying out several other domains for our presence in the world.

I have high hopes for this site, for now it remains a blog site and a learning tool, so I can aspire to apply my creativity.


Simple Pi Rack II

Thank you for reading, I want to also post more of my content here. My music, videos, my data drop box for system health tools that I seldomly need.

More storage, more CPU power, more CONTENT!

We are getting ready for 2016. This will be our year. And we will see you in the future.

Fall Back, Spring Forward

We have arrived in the age of Scorpio.


I truly have fell off the band wagon with this blog site. It serves my passion, and my interests. When I created it I wanted to put all data I searched for in one spot, so I could access it from anywhere in the world.

This site is my number, I was born on October the 28th. I believe in energy, in god, and in karma.

My hope is that people will visit this, and get inspired, or learn something new. If any of this happens, it’s the magic that drives me to continue to publish here.

I know….. We need a redesign. I will put money into my hosting site for better bandwidth and faster servers.

This year has been very special to me, and I want to thank God, Jesus, my family, my friends, the people who visited this site, and you – reading this right now.

Please support my site, write me, come back once in awhile, book mark it. Any emails I will read right away. Send me email = certified2016@gmail.com

TheNumber28 is beautiful, may you all be blessed on this day.

I have been on a course to renew my A+ Certification. Its easy for me, but hard finding the time to go through all the pretests when I work over 9 hours a day.

The 28th is a day where we are inspired, we are challenged to push for more right when the next month is going to take over. We want to expand our common interests, and capture the best in ourselves before it is too late.

The 28 is a second chance. A re-birth. A symbol of hope and dreams.

May you all reach higher, become smarter, and become all your maker wants you to be. Today will bring out the most challenge, and the best of your humanity.

God Bless this Day!