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Phony Impeachment

I really hope we can fix this, Donald Trump is fighting phony impeachment. The media is brainwashing our youth.


I just wanted to comment about this backlash over Sofia Richie’s Instagram post… I don’t even know her… However – read the comment below of why I feel she said that.


Sofia Richie is facing backlash over her latest Instagram post.
“Santa Ana winds- messy bun 🙆🏼‍♀️,” the 21-year-old captioned the images on Tuesday. Her remark was deemed “tone deaf” because of the raging California wildfires.



(My Comment)
That is what our society has done to the new generation. They don’t care. You want them to care? It’s gonna take war. Don’t be too hard on them, they are just a product of our degeneration of values in America, to the selfishness and the removal from God.
They are valuable, but that idea has been shrunk. Now it is – dime a dozen. Specifically to California youth, and my opinion is, it will have you crying in 12 years.
The hope is Trump stays in Office till 2024 and the next President is a old independent who brings back the core values of previous generations, and we need to start reversing Du-Pont and the last 100 years of chemical energy environmental destruction.
Nylon was a terrible invention. Did you know you cannot get it off the planet after it is created? This girl being breathtakingly dumb is the tip of a piece of sand on the beach.