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Resurrection and Visions

What happened on June 1st, 2017 ?

The true story of the revelations of having went into cardiac arrest and into a hospital coma. We bring you – the number28 timeline.

Together we might some day find out what really happened, and why.

I will be posting some of my medical records here, I spent months getting them, and no – they didn’t want me to have them.

UPDATE 1/28/18 : This is not edited at all, and at times can be sporadic in context. It does seem dark after listening to it entirely, and I realize this but wanted people to hear the raw story, at least, part 1. One reason I survived was because in my visions I had an angel speak to me and whisper and say that the Lord had come into our dimension to solve this. Unknowingly to me, if this was real or not, I have much more of this story to tell.

Thank you Lord for delivering me.

Strength and Honor!

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