United Spirit of America

Hey all!

Franklin in Paris

Listen to this cool song, I thought it fits perfect on the site. Once it’s here, I never remove content. (editing happens)

We are the United Spirit of America and we want you to live long, have a beautiful family, and to be rich with God. I wish you a wonderful life. Live the dream. Stop and smell the roses.

Let’s all start winning at life again.

Strength and Honor

I dedicate this song to Lou and Myrna Donato. God bless you my loving friends.

2 thoughts on “United Spirit of America”

  1. We are The United Spirit! I love your website. I found it by googling unitedspirit.us. Thank you for your kindness, positive energy, creative expression, inspiration, and beautiful spirit. For your recognition of and appreciation of the little things, the little signs, symbols & magical synchronicities of this life we share.

    We are uniting as A World. I am so optimistic that we are entering a new era of human consciousness in this glorious New Century.

    God Bless You and US.

    All the best always and much love,

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