How To Flash a Sprint LG Optimus S to Cricket ROM

(1) Install the drivers for your device.
(2) Connect to CDMA workshop and read SPC (LG method), then write to 000000.
(3) Write the PRL of your choice.
(4) Write your MDN and MIN

If everything was done properly you will now have Talk and Text, these settings should stick
without any problem. But if something weird happens just do it again.

For the PRL I suggest trying chrisngrod’s new Cricket/Sprint Hybrid PRL, since reportedly you
may be able to use talk and text in areas where flashed phones normally do not pick up. This
PRL must be written with QPST, as of yet it doesn’t work with CDMA workshop.
2. Obtaining Root and Flashing Custom Recovery
If you know what are you doing, or don’t want to bother with custom ROM’s you can skip this part.
If you decide not to use the Cricket ROM by Error420 you will need to install the Indulge’s MMS.apk,
push telephony.db, and possibly adjust the APNs.

(1) Use wifi to connect to market and download your favourite file explorer
(2) [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
(3) Install and run gingerbreak, You should now have rooot.

Now we can flash a custom recovery in order to install the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

I[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
You will need to use flash_image in order to flash the custom recovery image, instructions and download are here
Flash image – CyanogenMod Wiki

3. Installing LG Optimus S Cricket Rom
(1) Download the ROM from here Optimus S Cricket Rom
(2) Copy it to your SD Card
(3) Boot into recovery
(4) Wipe data and dalvik cache
(5) Flash rom from SD Card

(1)Connect to QPST v2.7 build 323. Ignore the fact that it will say “The phone has stopped responding to read/write commands.”
(2) input
* Change Active User – 0
* Change Registration Retries – 1
* Mobile IP Behaviour – Mob + Simp f/back
* Initial Registration Retry Interval – 1750ms

* User > [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
* HA and AAA shared secret > Text String > cricket
* MN-HA-SPI > 12c
* MN-AAA SPI > 2
* DMU Public and DMU Mobile > 0
* Rev Tunnel Preferred > Leave Checked
* Home Address >
* Primary HA >
* Secondary HA >
* Do the same for both profiles, just in case, but uncheck profile enabled on the 2nd

> Um
* Input [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] in Tethered NAI and User ID
* Password > cricket
* Input [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] in User ID
* Password > cricket

(3) Write to phone and wait for reboot. You should now have 3G if your phone is
already on a $55 Android Plan. If you don’t you may have missed something.

NOTE: If you go back into QPST it will revert some settings back to Sprint.

5. MMS
If your settings are correct MMS Should work when you flash the Cricket ROM
6. Optional Steps to Improve Your Experience

The following is totally optional but will improve your experience on this phone
if you decide not to mess around too much with custom roms.

(1) Install ROOT UNINSTALLER from market, and use it to remove bloatware.
(2) Download GO Launcher EX to get rid of the annoying Sprint ID icon, and have more control.

To many to list, but some are, Ryan mogul, whitey10tc, rich hathaway.


I take no credit for the information provided, I simply compiled modified an easy-to-follow set of instructions.
It should get you going on the cricket Android plan.

Flash Cell to Cricket Instructions

Rom Install Instructions::
“Very Important Make A Nandroid ALWAYS”
– Make sure your using latest SmelkusMod Recovery Recomended
– Put ROM & Gapps on SD Card
– Reboot into Recovery
– Wipe Factory Data Reset
– Wipe Superwipe
– Wipe Format All
– Wipe Caches
– Install ROM
– Install Gapps
– Reboot

Cricket Mms Instructions::
– Turn On Bluetooth
– Open App Voice Dialer
– Say “Open Apn’s”
– Click Cricket Apn
– Click Username
– Enter Cell# Were Is Says MDN “”
– Click Menu Button and Save
– Click the bubble on right side of Cricket To Enable APN FOR Mms
– Disable Bluetooth
– Restart Phone and Send & Receive Mms

Installing A2SD:
– Open Terminal Emulator (app in the app drawer)
– Type “su” without the quotes
– Allow Terminal Emulator super user access
– Type “a2sd install” without the quotes
– Type ‘y’ for cache without the quotes
– Type ‘n’ for data without the quotes
– Type ‘y’ for reboot without the quotes

Rom: Mazwoz-Supersonic-JB-B4 (Cricket Version)
MD5 – 491847e51c066f2edb2152751136bf7c
MD5 – c4a07a24e11448824b84e314600cd357

Added Replacement Cricket (4.2) MMS.apk
Modified eri.xml To Have Cricket Carrier label
Modified apns-conf.xml W/ Cricket’s Apn

Special Thanks:
Evervolv (Prelude Drew) for the Initial Work
Mazwoz (Rom) XDA Page


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